Viktor Pfeifer - Austria
News Link

About retire announcement.(German)

Interview at Austrian Nationals 2013, Vienna.(German)

Interview by at Ice Challenge 2012, Graz.(German)

Moscow World 2011.(German)

Interview with Viktor in EM 2011.(German)

Viktor welcome back to Austria.(German)

Memories of Olympic games After EM, before 2010 Olympic games.(Russian)

News after the Nebelhorn trophy.(German)

Interview in Vorarlberg.(German)

Comments about mental by Trixi Schuba.(German)

Some topics of Viktor Pfeifer.(German)

News: Reasons for association dicided to not send Viktor at the Worlds in Tokyo.(German)

Intervew: Before 2006 Nationals, at the show in Dornbirn.(German)

Long pronram scores at Olympic games,Torino.

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